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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, Answers, Rules & Regulations
(This FAQS page also serves as part of our Terms & Conditions)


Our customers pay using their Bank Card vire a company called Stripe It is a well known American company that uses the latest security technology.

No Stripe deals with Customers Bank details for both customer and our security.

NO... there are a number of programs that our chosen pay Processors do not agree with, We; will not allow programs that promote War, Hatred, Pornography, Betting, Revenue Share and things like these. This keeps our program running smooth as they should.

Admin Can and will delete a Program or Programs, Products or Services from a Programs Page (Advertising Page) that they think is unacceptable or that any one of our Members or Pay Processors deem unacceptable.

Never ignore the Emails you will receive from your Pay Processor letting you know your Subscription has failed, it can have a critical impact on your account as described below.

It is your responsibility to keep your eye on the expiry date on the card you have registered with your pay processor as some subscriptions can fail this way. Let Admin know if you need to change your card details.

If your Subscription fails your account will be set to FREE this will give you access to add a new Card or Upgrade on the Upgrade page.

While your account is in a free state you will only recive either $2 or $2.50 in commissions for any upgraded under you.

if you do not Email Admin and let us know when you will pay or do not pay your subscription at all, All the work you have put in to setting up your account, adding your Programs, creating your cloaked links, setting up your 10 Banner splash and Page as well as any Rotators you have have added will be deleted.

At worst your account will be deleted.

You will also lose any Commissions generated.

You may Upgrade again but it will be at the currant Supscription Fee.

If you are having genuine problems contact Admin ASAP we are here to help.

You may view them any time HERE along with all our other Legal pages this FAQS page also servers as part of our Terms & Conditions

We need to know it is you that is canceling your Subscription.


Please Note: Understand we will NOT delete any of your Upgraded Privlages untill the
anaversary of your Subscription. There after you will loose all Upgraded bonuses
and pro Tools.

Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone by Admin.

ALSO NOTE: If any member of Buildabizonline sells or passes on the Information of their down line in the way of Usernames , Names or Emails to any other Buildabizonline member or any company or third party they will have their account deleted and Their Details passed onto the proper authority for them to deal with to the fullest extent of the Law.

You must realize though. By you joining Buildabizonline and verifying your Email that Admin will send you mail when it deems necessary or finds something that may be of interest to you. Also, Buildabizonline is a List Building program, meaning although your up line cannot see your details i.e. Email. your up line can mail you from time to time. Warning: If Admin receives complaints about any member both Pro or Free abusing that privilege their Account can be terminated without notice.

You may have more than one Upgraded accounts but not one FREE and one Upgraded.

We have two membership levels to suit your requirements, Our Pro Plus is just $10 per Month while our Pro Executive Level is Just $14 per Month.

We realise that not all need a Hosted Blog or an Autoresponder system so our Pro Plus Level is the one you may need!

If you do need a Blog you control or an Autoresponder system with unlimited Campaigns and subscribers then you need our Pro Executive Level!

Yes, Please login to your members area and hit the upgrade button to find more information.

You need to be an Upgraded member before you can add videos. Please upgrade first to avoid disappointment.

It has been my experience when promoting Buildabizonline to useTraffic Coops listed in Step 4 of your members Area, if you are going to rotate URL's is to upgrade and use our URL Rotator to track your efforts then, have both your Index (Home Page) and Programs page and maybe your favourite Buildabizonline Splash Pages loaded into it.

WARNING! Do NOT Use Copyrighted Videos As Backgrounds

Visit YouTube and type in the type of video background you want to use into the search box at the top eg. "Video Background Animation" then click the search icon.

Now click on Filters and from the FEATURES section click the Creative Commons option.

Click to view the video.

Copy the video ID from the end of the video URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM_F7F2peP4

Paste into the YouTube Video ID box provided on the generator.

Now either press enter or click anywhere on the page to load the new video background.

This is a problem for only some members and here is a couple of ways to overcome it.

Method 1

Bookmark this URL in your browser if you haven't already done so.


Login using that bookmark and when the members area shows click the bookmark again.

This will refresh the members area page and you should now be able to access all the pro tools etc.

Method 2

Login to the members area.

Press F6 on your keyboard to highlight the site URL in the browser bar.

Now press Enter or Return on your keyboard.

This will refresh the members area page and you should now be able to access all the pro tools etc.

When you have commissions to withdraw we need your Wise email by adding it on the Withdraw Commissions Page.

The Withdraw Commissions Page can also be found in your members area under Upgrade Here on the top menu and then selecting Withdrawing Your Commissions on the drop-down menu at the bottom.

If the answer to your question is not on this page or covered in our Video Tutorials HERE, please contact us using the "Contact Us" button on the bottom left of this page and type your question there, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Ian Stewart
(Admin & Friend)

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