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James Deo Dawson Sr

Independent Employment Contractor & Consulting Service
Professional Temporary Services Since 1974
High-Quality Service, Customer Satisfaction
1115B Laurel Street
Indianapolis, IN. 46203-1959

I started working out of my home as an  Independent Employment Contractor and Consulting Service providing Professional Temporary Services Since 1974.

I for one was immediately hooked.

If you are someone looking for a J.O.B. working as an employee...we can help you find that J.O.B. and we even have a placement service. We can actually help you find what you are looking for and have you placed with your new employer immediately in some cases, with 72 hours in other cases. AND you will be able to work out of the comfort of your own home. Our placement service has been in existence since 1979 and are very good at it.

If you are someone that is sick and tired of the old J.O.B. and are looking for something that would enable you to become an independent contractor, owning your own home business, franchise, more time with your family, and be your own boss...we have a plethora of businesses to choose from. All have been run through our very stringent process of checking each and every business, the owners, talking with past affiliates, checking their financial stability, etc., etc. We have even joined each and every one that we recommend to experience their training process, the professionalism and courtesy of their on board staff, promoted the business using our assigned affiliate links and experienced a profit.

NOTHING goes overlooked at. You will NEVER be out of work again as long as you are willing to learn, listen, follow very simple instructions, and just simply educate yourself. You will then even be able to make a profit from referring others. Whether it be for a good old J.O.B. or a work at home business. And YOU will actually pay you for referring others to our services!


Telecommuting will rise to include 43% of US workers by 2016

"200 + Companies that Pay you to work from Home" - This is my latest book that contains a list of over 200+ companies that hire and pay people to work from their home office, some of which do not require any experience to get started.  It lists the job description, the name of the company, and the pay (if it has been disclosed).  There are also side gigs and tasks that you can do from home right now to earn extra money!  There are even tips to help you land and keep a work at home job.
The directory normally sells for $97 but after you go to my link and fill out the very brief form, you may download it for free. - See more at:


Honejobstop Job Bank                                                                                                                         

Honejobstop Job Bank shown below has always been highly recommended by other firms and our clients have been very happy with them. Especially as far as the very detailed job listings.

HomeJobGroup shown below has been a favorite because of the job placement assistance that they now have included.


Homejobstop Job Bank


Visit the Internet's Leading Work From Home Job Bank. 
Finally Real Work At Home Jobs


Check out this editorial review conducted by Work-At-Home-Truth about HomeJobStop Job Bank: https://web.archive.org/web/20130117072826/http://www.workathometruth.com/HomeJobStop-review.php

About Homejobstop Job Bank
As the Internet became common in every home, working from home became a reality for millions of professionals. We research thousands of work from home opportunities, each producing widely varying results. While great opportunities abound, there are just as many unreliable opportunities harvesting popular interest.

Homejobstop was founded in response to a critical and ongoing need for content management with regard to home-based advertised opportunities. Established in 1999, Homejobstop has been a worldwide leader in the work from home job market for the last nine years.

Homejobstop Members enjoy unlimited access to our exclusive Job Bank, hundreds of tips and techniques that improve success rates, as well as email update reports and our optional informative newsletter. Employers and recruiters posting with us benefit from an efficient, cost-free way to recruit qualified professionals. This is a structure that ensures quality content and that is what Homejobstop is all about.

What makes Homejobstop different?
The Homejobstop Job Bank is one the few job boards on the Internet that successfully maintains a support-based structure that is completely free of commercial advertising. We do not accept paid ads on our job board. We don't make outrageous claims, and we do not permit outrageous claims to enter our Job Bank. Additionally, we prohibit the posting of pyramid schemes, chain letters, or other well-known schemes.

FREE: Join Today and you will receive your own free copy of the popular book, Finding The Perfect Job. This book is filled with essential tips, techniques, and secrets such as: how to get a college degree FREE, how to avoid the top job search mistakes, and how to write the perfect resume!

Getting started is easy. Just use Sign Up link to become a lifetime member, and you can begin searching the Homejobstop Job Bank immediately. 

Each job listing is VERY detailed and includes Category, Job Title, Date Added, Job Description, Job Requirements, Job Term, Location, and Complete Contact Information.

Lifetime membership is available now for a one-time only joining fee of $28.00 which has been reduced from our regular one-time only joining fee of $36. This is a limited-time special. There are no renewal fees or further fees of any kind associated with membership.

We use ClickBank, so your transaction will be secure and safe.

What Are Members Saying About Homejobstop? 
"I just want to let you know I can not say enough good stuff about this site. The first day I applied for work I secured two - that's 2 - jobs. One I will do during the day and one at night. I now do not have to worry about my Daughter not ever seeing her Mom. THANK YOU so much. " 
A believer in You, Laura T.

"I found my current job at your site and am looking for other things too! It really is excellent to have a central site that is so well organized. I appreciate your work and the help it provides." 
James, NC, USA

"I have been a member of your site for quite some time, and I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am still very impressed with your website. You do such a wonderful job helping people like me find work from home positions. Take pride in a job well done -- you deserve it.
Heart felt appreciation, Shannon 

"Hi I just wanted to say thanks for your site and all the work that goes into it. I just started a new job (operator) that I found on your website and I so far I am loving it! I will definitely recommend this site to other people I know!" 
Rebecca M., WV, US

HomeJobStop: Thank you so very much for your web site. I just got offered a job and I start this week! This is a great site for any one looking for a home-based job. Thanks Again, J Johnson I can honestly say your site has proven to be exactly what you say it is. I found my current position on your site and it is what I've always wanted in a home based opportunity. It's interesting work, flexible and the pay is awesome. I became a member in 2005 and found the perfect job within weeks. I can't thank you enough for an honest, legitimate site. 
Cynthia M, OK, USA 



Home Job Group

About Home Job Group:

Founded in 2006, Home Job Group is certified by VERI-CORP, and has been a leading company helping people find real jobs they can perform at home. Many of our clients have found a home job that fits their needs. We are a global company that has helped people from many different countries.

Once you become a member, you will receive access to the largest data base of Home Jobs available online. These are real home jobs that pay you.  This data base has taken years for our staff to develop.  The jobs in our data base do not charge any fees at all.

We have a directory with over 20 different job categories and over 2500 companies looking for people like you, to complete tasks for their businesses.

These are NOT business opportunities for you to start up and run, just real home jobs. You complete their tasks, you get paid by them directly. Once you join you are guaranteed immediate access to our member’s area. Inside, there is an organized menu of job categories. Click on the category to browse the jobs currently available. Then, once you find something that sounds like it is for you, follow the businesses instructions to apply. They will contact you about your new job soon after.

We have three different membership levels with HomeJobGroup that fit everyone’s needs.  Please take a look at each membership and then make your selection.

Since HomeJobGroup offers placement assistance, there is an easy job placement form & we will place you with your new home job!

The companies listed inside our database are looking for people from all countries that have a desire to work at home. People that can commit to working from home and want a serious job that they can do in their spare time. You don't need any special skills. They are looking for people all over the world. The biggest thing they are wanting is to make sure you are serious about working for them.

We just updated our database! We now have over 500 new home jobs! AND STILL UPDATING!!!


Once you join, you will gain immediate access to the members area where you can begin looking through the jobs.  You can also choose to use our placement assistance in conjunction with your own efforts.  Once you find one that sounds good, follow the instructions for applying for the job. That's it!  Now you can sit back and relax until you hear from them.

The fee is only $14.95 for our basic membership. Don't take this wrong but, if you are not willing to pay that to find a legitimate job, we wouldn't feel very comfortable recommending you. Don't feel like we are rude for saying that, it is just the truth and that is what you deserve.  The businesses listed are looking for committed people. Our membership fee is a commitment on your part and keeps the quality of workers high. Plus, $14.95 is an extremely low fee for our membership, and you get over $600 in bonuses that are listed.

We use ClickBank, so your transaction will be secure and safe.

We also believe that your satisfaction with our service is important. We are so sure you will be satisfied, we offer everyone a 60-day money back guarantee.

We are letting you have access to our member’s area for a full 8 weeks risk-free. Try it out. Use all of the material you get with your membership. If you decide after that that it wasn't worth it, we will happily give you your money back. No questions asked! We want you to feel comfortable when you join. Having the opportunity to try it out for 8 weeks is as risk-free as it gets! Thank you for visiting and welcome!




YOUR Own Affiliate Mall




You get EVERYTHING you need for success - tools, training, traffic and the complete worldwide Monitor network!

One day I was introduced to Dr. Lant and his creation Worldprofit. I just had one word. WOW!! He had accomplished what I had set out to do and them soooo very much more. I am telling you folks.....there IS NOT any other website on the internet like Worldprofit or even comes close to Worldprofit. N.O.N.E.

EVERYTHING you could possibly want or need is provided to you and for you on this business website. This IS NOT an Opp. This is a REAL home business building website. The business marketing tools, professionally prepared pre-written promotional marketing material, recommended and verified safelists, social networks, #1 Google and Yahoo in 5 minutes, top SEO link building, traffic builders, traffic infusers, recording studio, traffic center, LIVE business center, fast track visitors packages, banner exchanges, pre-developed landing pages, prospect manager, professional and direct input and help from Dr. Lant himself and his business partners one on one, etc., etc.

The benefits that you derive from your membership are absolutely mind blowing!! It is endless!!! Every single day they are developing something new that they have added to the website for everyone to take advantage of to help build their business. It does not matter if you already have a business idea or opportunity that you are wanting to promote or if you would just like to build your own Worldprofit business and recommend others to Worldprofit. It is of course totally up to you.

I just know this, and I am going to be brutally blunt and direct. QUIT WASTING YOUR VERY PRECIOUS TIME AND MONEY ELSEWHERE ON THE INTERNET!!!!

I know from 20 years of internet experience, about searching for that golden business opportunity, marketing tools, etc. EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING YOU NEED IS RIGHT HERE!!!!

I began as a free member of Worldprofit. Within a couple of days or so I upgraded to Silver. Then it was not long at all after that I upgraded to Platinum. I just flat out knew for a fact that I found my home. That I found the goldmine of marketing tools and information that I had been searching for all those years.

If you were to purchase just a tenth of all of the marketing tools, have a professional write your promotional marketing material and have it market tested, have someone review hundreds of safelists and traffic exchanges for the most reliable - proven and tested, copies of the hundreds of e-book packages available along with the PLR and Clickbank store......you would spend THOUSANDS!!!! And then STILL not be able to even come close to what you have with Worldprofit.

Now you don't have to believe a word I say and just consider this just another one of those testimonials that you read on the internet.

But you know for a fact that I am a real person contacting you for real. I am not some computer generated photo with some comments someone has dreamed up to include with the photo calling it a testimonial. I am not a robot contacting people from a computer generated program. You can go to one of my websites that I mentioned and see that I am a real live person.

I really want to help everyone to build a successful home based business that they can be proud of and support themselves and their family without having to go through all of the heartache and wasted time and money that I did.

Quit looking for that hot dream that you will become rich over night with. PLEASE believe me. They DO NOT exist. Like always, it still requires knowledge and hard work. BUT with Worldprofit, you will have everything you need all in one place with professionals who are available 24/7 here top help you along the way. You really DO NOT have to do it alone.

I know I am perfectly happy! And you can be too!!

At least sign up for the Silver membership so you too can take advantage of the great benefits and LIVE training. Complete step by step by baby step. It is sooooo comforting to have all of that too.

And with the recorded training sessions that you have available for you to go back to and listen to again and again if you need to.


"200 + Companies that Pay you to work from Home" - This is my latest book that contains a list of over 200+ companies that hire and pay people to work from their home office, some of which do not require any experience to get started.  It lists the job description, the name of the company, and the pay (if it has been disclosed).  There are also side gigs and tasks that you can do from home right now to earn extra money!  There are even tips to help you land and keep a work at home job.
The directory normally sells for $97 but after you go to my link and fill out the very brief form, you may download it for free.

Determined To Succeed - NO Excuses

I had started visiting the site called "WakeUpWithLarry" some time back.

Wake Up With Larry Beacham - Get A Healthy Dose Of Motivation To Start Your Day!

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The Secret

James Deo Dawson Sr

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From the author of this blog Mr. James Deo Dawson Sr "JD" 

This blog can offer you a new mindset so you too can conquer and persevere in today's world with absolute confidence!

However, what you may not be aware of is that this blog is part of a much larger online marketing system devoted to helping you grow in not only your own personal life, but in your business life as well. This blog is HUGE. Our private organization has grown immensely over the years since 1974 to include a vast amount of membership benefits to fit anyone's and everyone's wants, needs and desires. We have expanded into numerous divisions to accomplish this goal.

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Well sorry to break this to you, but you yourself could be the reason you are not able to accomplish your goals or dreams. This even happened to me. And I know that you have already even heard this said before and blew it off. I am here in your face so to speak to beg you to reconsider.

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It is now time for you to begin your journey”



James Deo Dawson Sr “JD”, NMD
James Deo Dawson Sr “JD”, NMD
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Executive Creative Director
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James Deo Dawson Sr



NOTE: Please be sure to look over my resume for any other services that I may provide to fill your needs. 

My years of experience has spanned a wide range of consulting positions with different companies, which has provided me with invaluable on-hand experience necessary for the different facets of my business fields.

Without the many fine relationships I have enjoyed through the years, I would not be able to continue my services.

Your business will be appreciated and being given the opportunity to serve and to broaden my field of experience will also be appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me at my home office at any time.

P.S. Be sure to pay this blog a visit sometime!:-)JD Health® - Live a Healthier and Happier LifeTM - JD



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