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JD Logo For Documents James Deo Dawson Sr “JD”, NMD
Professional Executive Creative Director
"The Internetizen Entrepreneur"
       And Always Remember..."Success Begins With A Dream"  - JD


I am a professional independent consultant providing professional temporary services. My service eliminates difficult matters involving the administration of employees, reporting of tax deductions required by the government, turnover of staff employees, employee benefit programs and general miscellaneous overhead expenses. My service allows the client to maintain a low overhead expense thus permitting the client to remain competitive in their field of work.

My service is a definite plus in today's ever-changing technology and economy. Employers are discovering the complex matter of having sufficient staff in number with the expertise needed to accommodate their work load demands, has become a luxury that cannot always be tolerated. My service eliminates this complex matter by allowing the client to claim my services rendered as a contract labor deduction to the government, therefore, allowing the client to accommodate their work load demands at all times when needed. 

Should you be someone that is considering the hire of a Copywriter, Proofreader, etc. I may be of assistance to you and most likely save you a tremendous amount of grief during the process, making for a much more pleasurable experience.

I am VERY qualified to assist you in any area of your company business. I do NOT say that to impress, I am simply stating fact. I started my first business in 1966 at the ripe old age of 14. I was too young to sign contracts, work orders, business supply orders, etc. so my father co-signed on everything until I was of age. My school counselor provided me with a workers permit allowing me to do my work without any legal obstacles.

By 1968 I had two other boys working for me and became so busy that I needed to hire my mother as a secretary to handle some of the paperwork and phone calls. 

Much of my business experience as a professional independent consultant started when I became involved in glass and glazing as an Estimator, in 1974, which entails taking a set of architectural documents and specifications and doing what is called Take-off and Estimating, calculating the cost of aluminum extrusions, glass, labor cost for the installation of the materials required including all mechanical door hardware, etc. and submitting the bid to the Architect of the project for approval.

This all eventually led to my owning my own Architectural Drafting Service which in turn led me into the actual creation of architectural construction documents, writing construction specifications for the plethora of building materials required for each project and performing duties as a Project Captain being assigned a large team of people consisting of 13-18 people to complete each project. 

I write, proofread and edit copy brochures, print and other documents. I can assist in estimating production costs, overseeing work done by external suppliers, and preparing the marketing program. I have many years of experience in the field and in many related areas. I am familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures. I rely on extensive experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals to perform a variety of tasks. I have led teams as large as 18 people consisting of a variety of talents and direct the work of others. I possess a wide degree of creativity and latitude as would be expected.
The very thorough and detailed experience gained via the field of architecture, take off & estimating, independent telemarketing office, independent janitorial service, independent lawn care services, the writing of architectural project specifications to be by ALL construction trades, being responsible for handling owners requests concerning complete building construction documents and directing large teams of people, led to my owning and operating a variety of business trades spanning close to 5 decades. 

I typically report to the owner him or herself, rather than a senior manager, head of a unit/department as many of the typical Senior Copywriter IV's do. Not by request, but usually the owner whom is concerned that verbal translation on what I specify may be incorrectly passed on through the chain of command. Which is why I fall into the title of being a Executive Creative Director or Chief Creative Officer. And have for many years now.

The Executive Creative Director or Chief Creative Officer is the key position for translating company objectives into creative marketing strategies and creative deliverables supporting a company brand and the continued growth. I also assume the roles of an art director, copywriter or lead designer as required on an assigned project.

In the event that you may have someone in your staff that you trust to take my data, graphic presentations, etc. I always make sure that I also pass along written documentation written specially to the owner labeled "For Owner Eyes Only". There are a plethora of reasons why this is a specific requirement of mine that owners later discover was priceless, important and a very needed asset of our private conversations.

Furthermore, ANYTHING discussed between the owner and I, no matter what the topic, remains private, UNLESS the owner specifically states to me personally that they want or permit the topic to be divulged in some way. Period. 
This can NOT be done by some hearsay manner, meaning I will not divulge the topic by the owner telling someone in their command to forward the message to me. It MUST come from the owner themselves to me directly. Periodno exceptions whatsoever.
It has been my experience that this is how it must be to eliminate any unforeseen chaos that can be caused by a do gooder employees or disgruntled employees wanting to cause harm in some way or another. Which does, can and has occurred, making this strict policy necessary.

Just for your information, I also have an extensive background in sales and marketing consisting of fund-raising, home improvement, mortgages, magazine sales, architectural drafting consultant and shop drawings, architectural estimating, independent distributorship consulting, Sr. account representative, execute product and service pricing plans, research and analyze competition, execute marketing objectives and sales to sell company product and services. This all for the most part started in 1974.

I have the ability to research, analyze, make recommendations to the client on how they should proceed based on the research performed and execute according to the clients wishes.
I also have extensive experience in the teleservices industry with an extensive background in fund-raising which began in 1966.

I have helped to raise millions of dollars for my clients over the years and believe in building long term relationships with my clients based on trust and understanding.

I have worked in business with the non-profit community since 1966, as a distributor since 1968, was involved in architecture drafting aid field from 1974 thru 1987 and as an independent business consultant since 1974. I am dedicated to the success of each of my clients and work every day to make it happen.

I am also CertiShop Shopper, Merchandiser and Interviewer Certified through ShadowShopper as endorsed by The National Center for Professional Mystery Shoppers & Merchandisers. I am an active member and affiliate of ShadowShopper and are always looking for a new challenge in mystery shopping and retail merchandising.

If you are an owner or someone that wants a definite hourly rate. My rate is $50.00 p/m/h -$240.00 p/m/h depending of course what your needs and desires may be and what your ultimate goal to accomplish may be. Please allow me to make something perfectly clear. My rates MAY be negotiable in some instances, depending on my interest in the company and the possibility of taking on an active role within the firm or on the company board of directors.

Usually when an owner or someone inquires of my professional, discreet services, we will determine what is immediately needed, a creative starting point, and agree on what both parties think would be a fair negotiable flat rate. And then decide whether to further proceed with the goal of forming a permanent working union.

I strongly believe that my customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

To name just a few that I have performed business consulting and fundraising efforts for:
01) Academy Publishing - B2B - Advertising
02) New Trend Marketing - B2B - Business and Residential Magazine Sales
03) Creative Concepts - B2B - Advertising
04) The Dawson Co. (Father) - B2B - Architectural Aid Referral Service
05) JD Dawson & Associates - B2B - Drafting & Estimating Services
06) Tony's Ads - B2B - Advertising
07) Reservations For Two - Dining Referral Service
08) Unique Window and Door - Home Improvements Advertising & Work Contracts
09) Indy Asphalt - Driveway Paving Referral Services
10) Eagle Lawns - Lawn Mowing Appointment Setting
11) Amvets National Service Foundation - Fundraising
12) DAV (Disabled American Veterans) - Fundraising
13) Paralyzed Veterans - Fundraising
14) VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) - Fundraising
15) FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) - Fundraising
16) PAL Club (Policeman's Athletic League) - Fundraising
17) State Police - Fundraising
18) Sheriff Association - Fundraising
19) Children's Wish Foundation - Fundraising
20) American Youth Programs - Fundraising
21) Custom Mortgage Corporation - Customer Financing
22) Numerous Architectural Firms - B2B - Architectural Aid, Project Captain
23) Numerous Glass & Glazing Firms - B2B - Drafting & Estimating Services
24) US Department of Defense - B2B - Architectural Aid, Project Captain & Advisor
25) Many Others

My Shopper, Merchandiser Client List Has Consisted Of:
History Of Store Types Serviced To Date
Dollar General
Family Dollar
Frys Electronic Stores
Radio Shack
Midway Produce
Sams Club
Office Depot
Office Max
Auto Parts Outlet
Vandivier Spirits
Best Buy Co.
Barnes & Noble
CVS Pharmacy
Store Type Breakdown
Grocery Stores
Department Stores
Convenience Stores
Pet Stores

Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for your time. In closing, I wish to thank you for the opportunity to provide my services to you and your company. My years of experience has spanned a wide range of consulting positions with different companies, which has provided me with invaluable on-hand experience necessary for the different facets of my business fields.

I want all of my valued clients to be aware of my growth and achievements as you have made this possible. Without the many fine relationships I have enjoyed through the years, I would not be able to continue my services. I thank you for your continued confidence and I certainly do appreciate your business.

If you are a prospective client that I have not had the pleasure of providing my services to, please feel free to contact me at my home office at any time.

Your business will be appreciated and being given the opportunity to serve and to broaden my field of experience will also be appreciated.

James Deo Dawson Sr “JD”, NMD
"The Internetizen Entrepreneur"
Business Development Strategist
Executive Creative Director
Master Distributor

About me:
Gender Male
Industry Business Services
Occupation Marketing Counselor, Business Services Analyst
Location IndianapolisIN.United States
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