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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Is there a Referral Program?
A: NO: T
his Auto-responder program is one of the many Tools for Paying Members at Buildabizonline strarting from just $5.75 per Month! If you are visiting please JOIN HERE and upgrade from within your New Members Area at Buildabizonline. 
Q: What details can I collect from those who subscribe to one of my campaigns?
A: You collect Names, E-mail addresses and Phone numbers. You can request other information by asking your subscribers if it's important to your business.
Q: Do you set up my responders for me?
A: At the moment admin does not offer this service (we have tutorial videos to show you how to set your Campaigns up.
Q: Do you back up the database?
A: Yes we do that on a regular bases.
Q: Do FREE members receive a FREE Campaign?
A: NO sorry it's strictly for Paying Customers.

 Q: Can I have a refund?
A: We do not charge for this service it is a bonus to Paying Customers.

 Q: Can loose my Account?
A: YES If you end your subscription at Buildabizonline.com or through any breach of rules. Spamming or otherwise.


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