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Real Metal Platinum MCO Visa Card & Crypto Exchange

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Ad Pack 1
1 banner, 1 target link - 30 Days Unlimited Traffic 

0.0042 BTC
Ad Pack 2
1 banner, 1 target link - 60 Days Unlimited Traffic 
0.0085 BTC
Ad Pack 3
1 banner, 1 target link - 90 Days Unlimited Traffic 
0.013 BTC

Solo Ad x1 
0.00085 BTC
Solo Ad x2 
0.0017 BTC
Solo Ad x3 
0.0025 BTC

What is a Solo Ad?

A Solo Ad is an email ad (Your email ad) Your written email message including information about your offer or campaign. Here's how it works: You send us the email you want our members to read, include text or html format and we will place it in our mailing que or send it out on your prefered mailing day (subject to availability).

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Send BTC to: bc1q9y6t2kcladsg5ktc63rpn9zm70ev56c5t0wzma

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If you want to purchase more than one ad pack just multiply the purchase price, For example; (Ad Pack 2) x 3 = 0.0255 BTC

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How our Simple Advertising System Works

  • No Clicking or Sponsoring Required!
  • Unlimited Views - No Credits Required!
  • No Username or Password Required!
  • Exclusive Solo Ad Service Bitcoin Adz Club Network
  • Wholesale Ad Packs & Discounts for Ad Partners
  • Monthly Member Prize Pool
  • Ads are displayed across multiple networks reaching 4Mil+
  • One to One Customer Support & Custom Campaign Management

Just send us your solo ad and or banner image link along with your target link each time you want to use our advertising services.

We have exclusive offers, discounts and incentives for our Ad Partners & Campaign Managers.

Once you sign up to our newsletter you will have the opporunity to submit your ad via return email.

Include a screenshot of your block time stamp to confirm your payment. Your Ads will go live within 3-5 days after submission, Campaign Start Dates can be purchased up to 30 days in advance.

We review each ad and have the right to decline if it is deemed not suitable for our viewers.

Should your ad be rejected: You will be given the opportunity to submit an appropriate ad or make neccessary adjustments to your ad copy. To avoid any delay, You may request start date availability and seek ad approval prior to your purchase.

Please be sure to read all terms and conditions as per offer. We do not sell or rent your information, nor do we share it with any other third party groups. 

How to Sumbit Your Advertising for Approval

Send Banner Image Url, Text Link and or Solo Ad to - the reply email address - check your inbox/spam after you sign up here

You may also contact us on Facebook to discuss your advertising campaign and budget, You'll also have the opportunity to send links and banners via Facebook to admin. Join Our Facebook Group

For Customer Support & Member Specials Including Discounted Deals for Ad Partners Join our Telegram Support Group


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