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You Actually Choose How Many Checks You EARN!...
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It requires no selling, no licenses, no surprise upgrades,

just a willingness to follow our simple system


We don't want to share your wallet... 
We want only to share your success.


We make money WITH you, not FROM you!

We provide complete training, support, scores of free advertising methods, comprehensive integrated marketing systems...

Everything you need... and it's all FREE  


No Gimmicks, No Surprises. No Gotchas, No Upgrades, No Signup Fees, No Monthly Fees, No Hidden Fees, No Up Sell Fees, No Products To Store, No Hiring, No Office To Rent, Again No Investment - Ever and your Income Is Gauranteed, just by following or Simple Instructions!  . Just Click Here and complete the simple form on the next page and you are a fully vested member and ready to earn your first $200 to $500 within the next hour!


What We Believe 

It is our belief that a business opportunity that is worthwhile,
that truly can bring success... 
If they believe in what they are doing and what they are offering, 
they should be willing to forego upfront fees
and wait to share in your success.  
Why should they need to charge you?  The answer is simple... 
most companies realize that your success is far from assured.  
Their business model is not to share your profits
but to immediately share your WALLET.  
That is not how ASN operates.  
ASN's Business Model?  We Share only in Your Success...
We profit, ONLY WHEN YOU DO!
We won't ask you for a penny today, tomorrow or at any other time.  
Our success is dependent on your success. 
With ASN, your success is certain.  
Follow our system and you make money.  Period.  
We don't need or want your money...
We provide the opportunity, we provide the tools,
you provide the most important ingredient, commitment. 
With consistent commitment, we all win!

Why You Can't FAIL and Why You Can't LOSE!

First and foremost, Put away your wallet!...  We don't want or need it.

Neither you, nor anyone else will ever have to Invest a Dime!

You NEVER have to invest a penny, and you still make money!

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We can Guarantee that this system will work for you for many reasons...


FIRST and Foremost, There is absolutely NO RISK!--
It's impossible to lose!

Now don't get me wrong.  You can't lose, But, It is possible-- to Not Win.  All that requires is... to do nothing. 

This unique system requires no investment ever!  No monthly fees.  No hiring, No Office rent, No product to store, Nothing to sell, No risk of rejection, etc...  The only thing that it does require (assuming there's a desire for income) is an adherence to our simple marketing system.  i.e. The Fast Start Guide.  So, if a person does nothing, of course, they they get nothing.  But that's not called losing, or even failing-- that's called being a couch potato :-)

But, realize, most people when they fail to act on new and potentially lucrative endeavors, it's not because they are lazy... It's because of the many financial risks involved.  In this system THERE ARE NO RISKS. PERIOD.


SECOND,  You Offer Everything. 

Your website offers virtually everything the public wants or needs.  From home loans, Flowers, Insurance, Fine Jewelry, Furniture, Gifts, Vitamins, and of course an Absolutely No Investment Opportunity to make money in your spare time.  As soon as you are a member, partnered with the biggest most trusted companies in the world... Wal-mart, Kmart,, Verizon, and literally 100s of others.  You now earn money from every single one of them!


THIRD, No Barriers to Entry.

The opportunity you have-- and can offer to others has absolutely no barriers to entry.  Virtually, any business that you can think of has obstacles that prevent the average person from participating.  Often it requires money, time, sales ability, licenses, education, etc...  There is almost always a substantial barrier.


With Your business, there are no barriers. None!  There is no excuse for failure...  No investment, no licenses, no sales experience, no employees, no office space, etc.  The only thing this business requires is the Desire to make or save money.  And how is it done?  By giving away opportunity;  The opportunity to Make and Save money on EVERYTHING!  And while they are making and saving money, they are making money for you What could be easier?

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FOURTH, Natural Diversification.

The most successful people in life rarely have all their eggs in one basket.  They diversify into different investments and different businesses, to hedge against changes in the economy and market place.  Does that sound important in today's day and age?

Your business and website automatically gives you the ultimate in diversification.  Your ability to profit from Real Estate loans and sales, and the Auto industry is great!  But what if the rates go to 18% again, as they did in the 80's?  It won't matter because your website will still be making you money from the thousands of other products and services that your site offers.., the many nutritional products, and diet and weight loss supplements, or the low cost prescription meds that your site sells, bankruptcy, credit repair, etc... Think about it, your site even sells food!  Remember, you will be making money from Wal-mart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and literally hundreds of other affiliate partners.  And as long as they are making money... you are making money!

Your website diversifies you into all aspects of the economy.  If you see a glitch or an opportunity in the economy, just switch marketing gears.  Your site has something cover it.  Bankruptcy, Credit Repair, Tax Relief, etc...  So, no matter what happens in the economy-- high rates, low rates, fast or slow economic growth, you will still make money because no matter what happens, everyone always buys gifts, vitamins, food, and need thousands of other products and services you offer.


FIFTH, Everything you need for success is provided.

We are absolutely committed to giving you every product, every service, and every tool.  We will give you everything that you could possibly need to succeed.  The only thing that we can't provide is commitment.  But of course commitment is the most important ingredient. 

No matter how great the idea or how great the opportunity, without committed consistent action nothing is ever accomplished. Some people are going to get a hold of this opportunity and run with it.  Others are going to sit on it.  If you are the former, I truly believe that your life is about to change.

Realize, the company has been in business helping people since 1998.  We are not a flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow company.  We have over 100,000 members worldwide and are poised to expand to even greater heights.  This opportunity is definitely equal opportunity and can be done successfully by anyone.  But just because anyone CAN do it, doesn't mean that EVERYONE WILL do it. 

We see stark contrasts between people who have joined on the same day.  Many distributors has given away 500 free websites.  Some, within 24 hours have given away 5 free websites.  (And remember, ultimately, you make money from every website you give away)  Others, on the other hand, have done nothing.  Some people are taking this by the horns and are determined to make something of it.  Others are just curious.


As I write this update-- 10-4-08, the contrasts are even more striking.  We have some members who've been with us for 5 months, have earned substantial incomes with down lines of over 4,000! 

We have others who joined about the same time, and informed us that they want to cancel their business because IT DOESN'T WORK!

I promise you this is a great opportunity.  But there's a catch.  Success requires more than curiosity.  It requires commitment.  A commitment to consistently act.  Follow your Fast Start Guide, do a little something everyday.  It doesn't have to be a lot.  But it has to be something and it has to be consistent!

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The potential of this business is unlimited.  We've combined proven principles of the past with the best technologies of today.  Remember past networking companies where some of the members earned astronomical figures?  $20,000 $50,000 $80,000, even $100,000 or more per month?  That really happened.  And it happened WITHOUT the Internet.

These entrepreneurs earned these incredible incomes, holding meetings in their living rooms, stocking merchandise, selling to friends and neighbors, while being limited to their local geographic areas.  The technological and geographical limitations these people endured were incredible, but even so, their commitment saw them through.  Even with the limitations imposed by the limited nature of their business systems and technologies, their consistent committed action--  made them rich!

We utilize similar but more profitable network override systems, but your organization can be built lightening fast through internet.  Your website provides more products, services, valuable information and ways to make money than any other company that has ever existed.  AND you have no geographic limitations, you never see customers, it's entirely web based. You don't have to hold meetings. You don't have to sell the system, your website does it for you.  You don't have to train your distributors; we do it with our automated training system, fast start guide and support system.  You don't have to rent office space.  You don't have to stock merchandise.  You don't have to accept Visa and Mastercard, all of your websites purchases are routed through our merchant accounts.



Seriously, think about it.  What is left for you to do? 
We've pretty much done everything else...

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Your job is a simple one.  Just promote YOUR site. We show you how and where, and it's always free. Refer people to your website.  Give away as many Free sites as possible.  Follow your Fast Start Guide and you'll see that there is nothing easier.  You are simply GIVING AWAY the opportunity to make money and save money on the products and services that everyone needs and uses and are already purchasing every day! 

No company has ever combined products, services, information, and technologies in such a simple easy to use system.  But again, no matter how great the product, service, or opportunity...   unless combined with consistent committed action Nothing Happens.  The members who are committed to taking action to make something of this are assured of fabulous results, Many are getting those results, RIGHT NOW.  Those who are just curious are destined to let this opportunity slip away. 

The fact that you have read this far, shows that you have more than curiosity.  You are hoping that this is legitimate, but you want to make sure that the company and system is worthy of your effort.  I understand that.  I also understand that the success of this system is dependent upon the success of you and our other members.  So I literally couldn't be more committed to helping you succeed.  We are absolutely committed to you.  All you need-- is to be as committed to your success as we are!

Remember... WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY; WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR A PENNY.  We don't have to;  because we know that if you work the system, it will work for both of us.

Our Income is Totally Derived from Your Success.   If you don't make money, neither do we.  So we don't' just make it possible for you to succeed... OUR SYSTEM GUARANTEES IT!

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WE GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS!...   But How Can We Do That???...

...By Eliminating EVERY Barrier to Success!

Everyone wants to be their own Boss-- Who doesn't want to be able to set their own hours, Be their own Boss, Determine their own income, Answer to no one!... But for many legitimate reasons, most people are afraid to take that necessary step...   The product's bad, or too expensive, they lack sales experience or just don't want to sell, or don't have the required start up capital or if they DO have it... they can't risk it, the economy is bad, or they don't have enough time, wrong market for the particular product, REQUIRES TOO MUCH WORK? etc... 

There are countless legitimate reasons to stay in the rut and not try for more...  But the business system that you are examining, right now, has rendered obsolete, every legitimate barrier and risk.

We all know that fortunes are being made on the internet, right now!  Millions are earning Great Incomes...  But the question is always...

Which of the thousands of  Internet "opportunities" are real?  

Which ones are not just a clever way to separate you from your hard earned money?

Our company understands the many challenges, barriers and risks that are inherent in going into business...

But we do more than just understand them,  We Have Eliminated Them!...

We have eliminated every success barrier and financial every risk that we can imagine.  So much so, that

We actually GUARANTEE that you'll make money... with no investment, EVER!

Here's Our Challenge and Our Commitment to You...

Examine this opportunity-- try to find a glitch in the systemany reason that the average person couldn't succeed.  Find any risk, any issue... If you actually find any problem with this business system, please, LET US KNOW!  Yes let us know and tell us why you, or anyone, would be unable to easily succeed with this business. 

If your analysis of the system provides an incite that we missed as to how we can make this an even BETTER, more profitable, more easily workable business system, we will do all in our power to incorporate your ideas into the system for the benefit of all.  This is our commitment to you and every member in our organization... 

We are Committed to the Creation of a Mutually Beneficial...  No Risk... No Investment, Fully Automated Business System that places success easily within the Grasp of Anyone Who Wants it!

By the way, if you can't find a "glitch"... become a member-- it's FREE.  Then do your friends a favor-- let them know about it. They'll thank you.

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This is absolutely, one of the most profitable opportunities in existence; a rare opportunity to achieve financial independence with no investment-- EVER.  We've all heard people talk about businesses and situations that are "can't lose" or "guaranteed", etc...  we all know that in most cases, they are a load of baloney.  We truly believe that with ASN, you can't fail-- that this is a true can't lose proposition.  But, of course, we would say that! 

But it's easy to IMMEDIATELY see one of the many ways that we are different--- Unlike most companies, we, not only, have not asked you for any money, we will NEVER ask you for money!  What we do ask, is that you "invest" 10 to 15 minutes.  Just follow the first few steps of Fast Start Guide.  (Available immediately upon becoming a member).  A little bit of time is the ONLY "investment" we will EVER ask of you.  It will require absolutely no money... take just a few minutes...  and you'll see just how fast and easily you can build your business.

I can't stress this enough...  We absolutely will NEVER ask you for money.  We won't ask you to pay for your site, even though it's open 24/7, 12 months per year-- no hosting fees, no domain costs, no required auto payments, no over priced products or merchandise to buy, no hidden fees, no catches... We are exactly what we say we are, But again, of course, we would say that!  

If you've examined other "opportunities" I don't blame you.  Most of the so called opportunities basically, consist of the "right" to spend $50 to $100 or more per month-- for the opportunity to SELL the same "opportunity" to spend $50 to $100 per month to others!  When you get to the bottom of these "opportunities", it's easy to see that they contain many intrinsic impediments to success. 

Don't let the 100's of false opportunities that you may have seen, prevent you from taking advantage of this, one of a kind, Guaranteed, No Investment Ever, business.

Our unique system eliminates all barriers to success and all potential barriers to entry.  This system works and it will absolutely work for you. 

Realize, this is not Something for Nothing.  This is not Get Rich Quick.  Let's be real...  We all know that nothing worthwhile requires "absolutely no effort".  But by utilizing today's technologies and innovative marketing methods you can dramatically minimize the efforts required to achieve great results.  

Remember, because we NEVER ask you for money... We, haven no choice but to make certain that you and our thousands of distributors make money.  The only income that we EVER earn is derived from the successes of our members... not by getting you to pay us for this opportunity!  To that end we have created the Fast Start Guide.  A simple step-by-step plan, a road map that will get you up and running and making money immediately.

If you are truly looking for an opportunity, something that really works, a business that will never require ANY financial investment, a business that actually guarantees that you will make money...  take a moment to get your FREE website and then immediately go to your resource center and follow the fast start guide, invest 5 minutes following the first couple of steps, and then see what happens!

You'll be glad you did. 

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As Simple as this system is, it's important to remember...
There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch!

Success is never accomplished with NO EFFORT.  If anyone ever tells you otherwise, grab your wallet and run!  You can never achieve success with no effortBut if you work SMART, it can be achieved with minimal effort.  The marketing principles involved in our system require minimal but consistent effort--   We utilize the very same general principles that created the fastest growing companies in history.  We all know that the key ingredient to success has never been to work hard (we all know people who work long and hard but have little to show for it).  The real key has always been to work smart.  The principles that our system utilizes, epitomizes working smart.
A very successful business man once said...
If you always do what you've always done--   You'll always get what you always got!  In other words...
results never change,  unless actions and strategies change.
If your life and finances aren't exactly where you want them to be...
Try something new.  Spend a little time following Your Fast Start Guide and watch what happens!
Make $500 to $5,000 per Month with your own FREE Website!
Click Here to get yours NOW!


Remember, this one of a kind business opportunity requires...


No Start up fees No Selling No Monthly Investment
No Merchandise to Stock No Office Rental No Investments-- EVER




Take a moment to learn the details of this outstanding opportunity.  You won't regret it! 

Click Here to get  Your FREE WEBSITE, Fast Start Guide, and complete details so that you can start building your own profitable business, TODAY!


Just how easy is it to make money? 


Just by completing and submitting the simple sign up form, you're almost ready to start earning A Six Figure Income! 


Make $500 to $5,000 per Month with your own FREE Website!
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There is not now, nor has there EVER been a company quite like ours.  We Guarantee that this is a true NO INVESTMENT EVER, opportunity--  We will NEVER ask you for a dime-- and we GUARANTEE that if you just follow our simple instructions, will have earned your first check within 5 minutes of joining!




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