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   Also There Are 3 Ways to Earn $$$ With ORU:  

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State of Art Quantum Physics-Based!



One-time $24.95 Activation Fee and Just $5.95 a month - which also includes your very own, personal ORU VISA Card you can use to withdraw your ORU Funds.

 There are just over 90 Countries supported where you can send/receive funds with other ORU Members without worrying about your account being limited or frozen.
 I've already used ORU to send commissions to members of my sites from Japan, USA, Canada, and the UK. Plus, I've had a few members send me funds to purchase Login Offers at some of my safelist. So using ORU has worked like a charm up to this point.
 Not only is PayPal shutting down accounts of Affiliate Marketers, Stripe is also making the rounds and using PayPal's "URL Blacklist," to turn off accounts. Even GooglePay and Cash App have shut marketers off.
Someone reported that over 167,000 PayPal accounts have already been shut down since January 1st, 2019! IT'S CRAZY!
 You can refer others to InstantCashPromoCodes, and when they join you in ORU you earn $10 per direct sign up and $0.25 per month, 10 levels deep! So you could actually get just 2 ORU Referrals and earn enough to pay for your Gold Upgrade at InstantCashPromoCodes.com
 Paypal, Stripe, GooglePay, CashApp, and others now have terms and conditions or Acceptable Use Policies that exclude Affiliate Marketing, Solo Ads, and even if you're not promoting something MLM, they will label you as MLM so they can close your account.
It's not a matter of "IF," but "WHEN" they will terminate your account. We don't have to worry about all of that with ORU Marketplace!


Adding Funds To Your ORU Account

When you are logged into your ORU Account, click on MyFunds. Then click on, "Purchase ADVT Credits." You can click on one of the amounts listed, or in the OTHER, type in the OTHER Amount. Then select your payment method.




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